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[QUOTE=Aaron;6505]If this so-called Law of Attraction is a LAW, then that means that it would apply to magnets as well.

That's right. Both are "magnets". Which you basically summed up in your first example.

Another way to think about it is a coin... If you are in victim consciousness you will attract the other side of the coin, which is abuser consciousness. And then because "what you put out you get back", you receive the opposite side of the coin or experience somewhere along the line. If you are the abuser some "bigger fish" will get you, as an abused person may seek revenge through abusing others, and so on. The purpose is to achieve a balanced experience, or evolution of consciousness through experiencing everything, which of course involves the entire universe. Reincarnation added to the recipe adds more meaning, and maybe the opposite experience could be a few lifetimes after the original experience. Maybe the same experience is experienced over and over until we finally "get it" The masses haven't caught on to "democracy" being completely useless yet and they continue to vote for "someone different to sort it out", knowing full well nothing will change, yet they clearly fool themselves because they accept both facts to be true, while in reality both couldn't possibly be true at the same time... Maybe the same consciousness (us) have been coming back and we've just been stuck doing the same thing over and over because we're not made aware of what's actually going on when we come into this life, until now. Sorry went off the LOA a bit there, but something to think about maybe
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