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Virtually everyone here supports your invention passion. At the same time, countless have come before you... most all of them have met their fate on the same road that you are considering.

Think about it this way. The Goliath's you challenge are trillion dollar energy cartels. They have proven over time that they will take any action necessary to own and bury competing technologies.

That is why most here are suggesting that you consider another path. It really is your only hope for public success.

Stating this just represents a new reality, that must be considered if we at the grass roots of inventions hope to ever make a real social or life impact.

The Patent office was never your friend. It has always served as a mechanism of intelligence for big industry, the military and governments.

So if you are here really looking for next step guidance, you can take one of two directions.

1. Stay separate from the populace and be marginalized by the existing power structures. Your dream will most likely be added to the history books of good ideas.

2. Join the populace and consider sharing to advance all. If what you have produced works as you say it does, your only hope is strength in numbers. Once social momentum builds, there will likely be a prominent place for you and your team.

Truthfully it makes me sad to realize that we are free, but only to roam within the boxes of those that have power over us. Hopefully, WE can find a way to break down the box barriers over time so that future generations may enjoy boundary-less freedoms.

Good luck friend.
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