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Interesting. :)

The ego seems to be defined in different ways. It's been awhile since I saw this post, and I think I see things a little differently now. However, I see Ego as just conciousness. So yes, the Illuminati want more ego, but also for the ego to expand through the unconcious mind via intuition to the point of "gnosis" (aka - Illumination). I agree that ego with ignorance is what causes ruthlessness. From what I've studied, this is what their gospel is, and it is working in my favor. In the last month I've been inspired to sometime write a book that will solve one of the greatest problems in psychology; How to convert a mythos personality into a logos personality. Intuition is extremely powerful.
I think you might know this, but i must clarify that this is not the "Illuminati" that is popular in conspiracy theory. What conspiracy theorists are really talking about there are those greedy bankers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, ect. They put out the name "Illuminati" for themselves as negative propaganda to keep people away from the real group.
I have to check out your books too, you got me curious.
- Kyle Herbig
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