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WOW, Oh, WOW!!!

Hi My Beautiful Friends,

I just HAVE to jump in here and tell you all of my experience with Moria and her Most Fabulous readings and Gracie gave me the okay to do it in her thread....

A few weeks back, Gracie called and told me that she got the most Amazing Tarot and Numerology reading from Our Precious Moria, and you know me...... The first thing I said after hearing all about it was "I want a ticket to THAT party!" So Gracie hooked me up and 2 days later Moria sent me my Numerology report.... Let me tell you, my Lovies...THIS is SOME REPORT!!! It is pages and pages long and she is right on the money!!! I HIGHLY ADVISE all of you to seek out Our Moria and get one for yourself and then, you ALSO will say "WOW, oh, WOW!!!" just like Gracie and I did!!!

So...Once I read through this report, I said to myself "Holy Moly...I want MORE from this Brilliant Beauty!" So, we connected via telephone and she did a Tarot reading for me.... Once again...All I can say is "WOW, oh, WOW!!!" Now....I simply cannot go into details here on a public forum, but she had my whole personal life so Spot On, that I got chills up and down my spine while I was talking to her.... One thing I can share is what she said about the direction my art was going.... Here's the deal.... Several months ago I started to experiment with another medium besides my normal watercolors... I bought a whole bunch of acrylic paints and canvasses and brushes and was searching my creative Self to depict my inner soul with another style... Some of you may remember that I posted on PI that my new paintings got me a gallery exhibit last February and I sold several of them right away.... Since then, I found a direction that I really resonated with, but, for some reason, I put the acrylics and the new painting style on the back burner and went back to my watercolors flowers...

Well..... During the reading, Moria said that I was moving in a new direction with my painting...That they would be in a different medium and be, not quite "abstract", but will be filled with energy.....When she said that, I got another chill up my spine as I turned and looked to one of the paintings that I had done for the exhibit with all the dots that bring forth the image, and I said to her that I had already found this new direction, but that I was unsure whether to continue with it.... She then said that the watercolor flowers that I have been painting for years have made me feel "safe" and that it was time to embrace my new style and medium and to trust my gut with this....That this new direction will be healing to viewers and bring me prosperity as well.... But she also said that I have been working too small with this new style and that I should work on a larger scale than I have ever done before.

So...... the very next day I went out and manifested the LARGEST canvas that my art supplier had in stock and went to work on the painting that you all are able to watch develop on my PI Photo page....... I must tell you that I LOVE working on this painting and the creation of it just seems to flow right out of me with much joy and ease....It is, indeed, taking quite of bit of time, but I do not have any sense of impatience... And with Gracie's CEM corrections, as I have already posted before on this thread, I have lost any sense of inhibition and I am posting pics of the work-in-progress of this painting on my PI Photo page for all the world to see.... And when this one is completed, I will start on another to create a collection....Time will tell how this story will unfold, BUT...How interesting and delightful that I feel so comfortable in sharing this story with all of you......Does that not say something about this Fabulous Journey that we are all taking together? This has to be the most exquisitely Beautiful and Fascinating time of my entire life and I am so Happy and Grateful in more ways than I can possibly describe.......

In closing, I just want to say that if any of you have an "inspired thought" to contact Our Darling Moria for a personal reading, be it Tarot or Numerology, or both...I say GO WITH IT! Not only will she deliver to you readings that are more Amazing than you can imagine, but she also will joyfully give to you Loving and Compassionate personal attention that is priceless!

Thank You, my Dearest Moria.... I Love You....You are a True Blessing to the Planet....

With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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