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Originally Posted by brian,s,ahern View Post
I am not sure if I am doing this right.

I was working on Rossi-like stuff for EPRI when I ran into Arthur Manelas in Pelham NH. He has an electrical circuit not unlike Rosemary and I made many measurements of the output/input..

His circuit fits inside a shoebox and he ccauses fast rising pulses from a back EMF off a large transformer core. The core runs at a 'negative hysterisis of -3.0C.
He takes 11 watts out of a 12 volt battery and send 42 watts back into a 24 volt battery.

As a physicist with 30 years of lab experience, I know this sounds like a First Law violation. It woks nonetheless.

My working hypothesis is that his ferrite core has nanograined material in the 10 nanometer range. A new form of super-ferromagnetism was reported in Nature in 2006 by van Wayenberge. It comes in the form of a vortes and as such the asymmetric magnetism may be able to access energy from the fourth dimension, iCt.
Hi brian,s,ahern

What your indicating is interesting but as you stated having 30 years bench experience of a scientist trained in physics know that a theory or thesis is not proof of a claim of operation.

Most people here are experimentalist more interested in something you can physically see and touch. The comparison with Rossi's "ECAT" ( LENR ) device - The Official Website of Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer, E-Cat - ECAT and Rosemary's COP>17 and COP>INFINITY devices are two totally different things not to be confused.

If you have a device circuit diagram and photographs with possibly oscilloscope screen shots and data dumps any videos .... proof of a device with said claims that's GREAT lets see them.

If you have nothing to show the "open source community" .... well ....

Thank You,
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