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great questions Tim.

the viscous liquid that comes out of the small tube IS the enhanced product. Barry and Gardner are a bit off in their assessments of what a mag trap is really doing.
im not saying that a mag trap is bad, in fact it is REALLY good. but, like you found out (as did i) it simply wastes a ton of water.

have you done any experimenting with the mag trap? have you tried distilled or R/O water?(nothing in that water to trap or enhance)
have you tried other sources than tap?
have you tried to loop run the water like i suggested above?

i am not allowed to disclose much of the info i have access to, but i can say that some proof of my words lies in the mag BLENDER. in the blender application, there is no additional external water being added, but yet you can achieve the same results as the mag trap. explain that one... (the water is being charged, not trapped)

also, somewhere on Barry Carters site is a stepped mag trap plan where one trap leads to another into another, etc. at the end, you get far more "product" out than you would with a single set up. they explain this as catching the Ormus that doesnt get trapped in the first units. this is wrong. actually, the magnets and vortexing motion sets certain elements in the water into a different state altogether, and this new state wants to follow the vortex (usually out the little tube)

as for the microwaved water, yes the mag vortex should fix the water.
did you try the plant test with microwave water versus tap water?

there is also a japanese scientist that is showing that simple prayer, blessings, certain music, frequencies, loving words, etc will restore the structure of bad water to its normal hexagonal structure.

if you already have a mag trap, just modify it to be used in a closed loop system. you will have to go to the parts store to get adapters to hook up to a STRONG submersible pump (magnetic drive submersable pump) and a CLEAN plastic tote to contain your water.
there are a few test that you can do.

1. use two totes. one will have your trap sitting in it, with a MEASURED amount of water. (draw a line in the tote, fill to that line every use) Then place the Ormus trap tube into the second tote. run the trap until nothing comes out of the tube. then weigh or measure the amount of "Ormus" water in the second tote.
empty the first tote, use the Ormus water how you wish.

2. Fill the first tote with fresh water, again to the same line that you marked from test 1. this time, let the Ormus tube drip back into the same tote for a closed loop, for about 24-48 hours. notice how the flow is increased. now place the Ormus tube into the second tote and run until nothing further comes out. now weigh or measure the second tote. it should be heavier or more volume than the first. (which proves that you are charging the elements in the water)

3. Next, repeat test 2 for 24-48 hours, and then run the little tube into tote 2 as described above. measure again, but this time you will clean the mag trap and run it in tote 2. now you are super charging the known elements from your tap water that accept a charge. run this again for 24 - 48 hours.
you can then place the Ormus tube into a large bowl or something and run it until nothing else comes out... or, if you have enough volume, you can repeat the tests above with this newly charged Ormus water.
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