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Originally Posted by Guruji View Post
Today I've build this circuit but nothing is coming
I used 2n3055 with alot of turns secondary and 2T primary. Is it maybe with this transistor I should do more than 2T?
Yes, indeed it is hard to get it running especially with low voltage like 12V input. I checked that it runs by using simple device : one turn of wire attached to AV plug and then to LED. LED is lit near the running kacher and even 1.5m far from it. Also the ac/edge electronic detector is indicating field exactly like Don Smith presented in his 2001 video. I have managed to get a nice violet plasma about 1cm long but many times it require then you touch the output wire with a metallic object or ground connection. It looks very nice like a small laser saber. Of course it works if you place coil vertically and output is not attached to any larger diameter wire.
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