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Hello: magnet traps

Originally Posted by adam ant View Post
one hint i can give about the egyptian method, in accordance to the laws of nature is that they followed the natural state of the earth, the natural state of an electron, the natural state of water, the natural state of light and magnetism and electricity... which is the natural state when you flush your toilet.,

here is something to your magnet trap(made a few myself) and magnetite that you may not have considered. the natural state of the water flow, plus the state of the magnets is not filtering out anything special from the water.
IT IS ENHANCING those elements that are already there.(changing their energy/consciousness/power/properties)

stick to your mag trap and run it through your magnetite into a continuous loop. i use a large plastic tote with a submersible magnet drive water pump.
any liquids you wish to improve, throw into your continuous loop set-up.

NATURAL FREE HEALTHY (well free if you harvest your own sea salt)


I have a couple of questions. You said that a magnetic vortex water trap doesn't filter or concentrate anything in the water it only enhances what is already there. I have a magnetic vortex water trap from CHEROKEE GOLD-ORMUS MAGNETIC VORTEX WATER TRAPS . It's one of those that you hook up to the faucet and turn the water on and most of the water goes out the bottom down the sink drain but at the top there's a hose where a small amount of water comes out that is suppost to have concentrated ORME in it. This water appears to have a thicker viscosity almost oily. I'm not using this anymore because my water bill would be huge from all the wasted water. So If I make my own magnetic water trap it will enhance what is there without all the waste?

You also mentioned that microwaving water damages it. Will running the water through a magnetic trap fix the water? What are the best type of magnets and configuration for creating your own magnet trap?
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