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thanks for publishing your mosfet kacher circuit. So far I only managed to set up 'one transistor oscillators', simple circuits like in woopy's videos.
Your circuit with the mosfet driver seems to be more advanced and more difficult to build (i.e. it has more components and connections). But tempting ....

What is the purpose of the 1nF 3kV cap across the source and drain of the mosfet? How did you determine that it is needed?

I am also experimenting with charging a microwave oven capacitor in "captret style", i.e. using the capacitor's case as a third plate.
The cap still has its resistor inside and I manage to charge it quickly to more than 500 V. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to make a spark jump to the other cap electrode/plate, even when the spark gap is set very narrow.
Is this the same for you ?
And is this why you use the Epcos surge arrestor? Does the spark jump more easily when using the Epcos?
Or can you also get a reliable spark using an ordinary spark gap instead of the Epcos?

Looking forward to your next video, exploring xee2's proposals.

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