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Hi Xee2

that's a very constructiv proposal

so i used my second (not coil wrapped ) battery as power supply , and i connected one lead from a Micro wave owen HV cap (MOcap ) in place of the wrapping, with a connection to the negativ of the battery, and from the other lead , i connected a wire to the " captret" of the " cap avramenko- to car coil.

and it works very well

in a first time i placed the MOcap against (in contact ) the battery, but than i noticed that i can separate the cap from the battery with even better results.

But further more i got even better results when i connect the neg of the battery to one of the MO cap and connect the CAPTRET of this cap to the other ( Avramenko MOcap to car coil )'s captret.

By writing this post i understand why it is very much easier to produce a video with explanation than explain with 100 words

Sorry it's too late for making a video

will do it as soon as possible


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