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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
"I Told You So!"

Each of the athletes featured in the new ASEA Frontiers: Metabolites video had the same initial response when they learned about new research on the health benefits of ASEA: I told you so!

ASEA Frontiers Metabolites - Redox Signaling Molecules - YouTube

And just to reiterate to skeptics claiming ASEA is just "salt water"
have met their permanent doom because the placebo used in

the study WAS SALT WATER and it gave none of the results that
ASEA does.

ASEA™. Help your body discover its own best defense.
Just waiting for my ASEA to arrive and test it. Are you a ASEA Athlete?

*In the face of adversity*it's the mind that must stay strong *-*Ambition -*Drive - *Determination - How Sport saved my life - HOME
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