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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I used to deal with the best HGH on the market years ago - Regenesis Pro 500. There were a lot of women that had reached menopause that actually started to have their periods again. Not that that was desirable for them but it certainly told a story. Of course it is better to get our own body to make more.

However, with HGH or any other compound we're giving the body or having the body stimulate on its own, the effectiveness of it will always be proportionate to the body's cell to cell communication efficiency.

A baby has 100% cellular efficiency - someone at 70 has 10% cellular efficiency. This is something that no other supplement can address. The closest would be a supplement that boosts ATP production like LJ100 (tongkat ali), creatine and ribose, etc... since there is a corresponding increase in redox signaling molecules produced simultaneously with ATP. But there is a finite amount of this that can be produced by our body and as we age there is a continuous decline in the number of mitochondria that produces the atp/redox signaling molecules to begin with.

The redox signaling molecules are what the cells use for the communication and when drinking these balanced redox signaling molecules, increase that cellular communication ability back to when were were much younger.

Now the mitochondria are more susceptible to oxidative stress than most other cells. By the time some one is 90 years old, 95% of their mitochondria are damaged.

There are some compounds that have been found to be able to help repair some of those mitochondria and even get them to replicate new mitochondria! They're the only cells in the body that have their own DNA.

These compounds that can stimulate new mitochondria are ultra powerful antioxidants and hold up to oxidation way more powerfully than Vitamin C, etc...

But with the stimulation of glutathione, sod and catalase, there is no stronger antioxidant/enzyme combo that can outdo this - especially when not only the quantity of them are increased but the effectiveness is increased by HUNDREDS of % - this is made possible by giving the body the balanced redox signaling molecules.

I hope to see more studies on this product specifically in regards to the stimulation of new mitochondria production. Theoretically, perpetually extending the length of the telomeres and having enough mitochondria to create enough atp and redox signaling molecules, someone could literally live forever.

I do not know of studies between the redox signaling molecules and hormones. But I will ask the atomic physicist that stabilized this product when he comes to Spokane for a medical symposium next month.
Hello, I am about to try ASEA, Is there evidence it has a direct effect on telomeres?

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