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The reason I knew about the schematic before Matt posted it is because he and I talk all the time, and I have known him for a while now...since I built his simple motor and probably drove him crazy with questions. Sometimes he tries things out on me to see if they are idiot proof...because if I can do it, ANYBODY can. That's no lie either! So when Matt built his next to last circuit and it was so successful, he improved upon it, and I have been messing with the improved circuit. Matt designed (and I built, with a lot of help from him) some generic driver boards that will run the fetts on this circuit. So I began working on winding my transformer with 8 strands shortly after Matt posted his previous circuit.

I used the big transformer I ordered to build the big setup Matt showed in the "Use for the Tesla Switch" forum. It took 8 strands of #18 each 40 feet long.

You are right about wires everywhere. That's why Matt designed boards for this setup. I ordered them and then soldered all the parts on and have been running with them on a smaller transformer, one about halfway in size between the one he listed in the previous schematic and this big one that i was winding. You will have to talk to Matt about getting the boards. They cost, but they can also be used on lots of different projects so I felt like they were WELL worth the cost and they make life so much easier!

No secret conspiracy here. Just trying to make sure things WORK before wasting people's time. We don't sit around and think of schematics for other people to build to show how smart we are. We BUILD them first and then show you the ones that work.
All the parts on the control boards are also on this schematic. I have that parts list somewhere. I'll look for it.
If I'm not mistaken, R1-R9 depend on whether you are running this with a STAMP or some other microprocessor.
I think I have those values for the STAMP, which is what I am using. Matt is using something else, so he probably has the right ones for the Propeller, which is what I think he uses now.

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