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No Such place as hell or purgatory

My dear friend there is no such place as hell or purgatory both places do not exist in the spirit world. It is a concept which is used to create a state of fear because being in a state of fear is a control mechanism which keeps the free mind or free spirit a in prison of dis-pare. It is a mechanism to control the masses through ignorance and when you discover this for yourself you will truly be free. Anything which creates a state of fear in any way, however mild or small is an act of terrorism to control you through emotion and fear of the unknown. I have not read your work nor do i intend to. Re-examine the sauce of your fear and understand the motivation which created that control construct and you will be liberated for ever. You will never be a slave to that control construct again and its power over you will be lost for all time.

I can only point out the path I cannot walk it for you. You have to choose to take that journey your self.

I have walked the path, the grass is much greener on the other side, the journey is worth the effort, but you have to walk the path, it is your path to walk, no one can walk it for you.

Gods speed my friend, I will see you on the other side.
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