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Ouch Larry, I am sorry to hear that!

Originally Posted by larryross View Post
Thanks for your kind response. Sorry if I seem impatient, but I have cancer so I don't know how much longer I have on this earth. I am cramming as much knowledge about the alternative energy subject that I can. Looking for something I can build. I would like to leave something behind that my family can use to make their lives easier. Meds and all it takes to keep me alive is eating up our budget so I don't have a lot of money to experimenting (as much as I love it). Please bare with me if I seem anxious at times. Again sorry.


Hello Larry,

I have been out for the weekend, Ouch, I'm so sorry to hear you have cancer, but cheer up, there are many alternatives for it, and You've got the great knowledge about tronics, so building an oscillator with Rife Frequency will not be a big deal...and I see how many nice members here have been trying to help you and have posted very nice words of comfort also.
There are some very good links and also some great info related to cancer on Thrive site/ Health...

Warm regards

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