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Combining science with spirituality equals truth

The downfalls of mankind; the suffering of individuals; the purpose of reincarnation...all are based on our purpose as human beings. Reincarnation is our chance to utilize the negative charge of this dimension to lower the vibration of our soul...allowing our true self (our soul) to stay on the path of light after death.

All is explained and supported by the evidence that has been in plain sight for over 100 years. Just google my name with the titles of my five very short free eBooks. All my efforts are designed to make truth the foundation of this existence, even if a person is consumed by their ego.

Are you capable of making truth a part of your life? Google:

Wade Welch plus:

Deal or No Deal --- explains the science and truth of our spiritual purpose

Origins Of Truth --- discusses the truth of our country and our situation

Home sweet Hell --- explains exactly what happens after we die and where we go

Act of Giving --- Why we are wasting our time

Who Am I? --- the story behind my purpose and the bizarre recurring events where the ugly secret people behind our government controled my life

Can you handle the truth?
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