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ASEA temp, etc...

Originally Posted by Edipy View Post
I'm curious what is the best way to go about storing your ASEA as there are no specifics mentioned on the website or the product itself, which leaves one to think room temperature is fine? The only reason I ask, is it seemed as though my last bottle didn't seem to have that "zing" I was receiving from the earlier doses. I attributed it to the fact my body was just acclimating to the effects... that was until I got a new case- ZING once again- I believe the last bottle was somehow compromised.

Is it possible ASEA is somehow subjected to the effects of sunlight, heat, time, or maybe other possibilities such as EMF? Can/Should it be stored in the refrigerator as this seems to be the most sensible?

One other thing, I was curious as to why ASEA isn't stored in more suitable container such as glass... I intuitively get the sense the materials are causing some serious leaching from the plastic, maybe not that big of an issue seeing as what ASEA is suppose to accomplish, but glass certainly seems to be more fitting. My guess would be the shipping costs?
Some people refrigerate it but I leave mine on the kitchen counter. It is actually stable from freezing up to 300 degrees F. So yes - the refrigerator is fine if you prefer it cold. I personally like it closer to my body temp like my water but its just a preference.

When you take ASEA for a bit, the change will taste as your own body becomes balanced. If the bottle that you didn't feel big results from had any kind of organic material in it, it is possible it could have neutralized it - if you drank from the bottle, etc... you probably didn't but there are a couple ways for it to neutralize.

These plastic bottles are completely safe and none of the plastic leaches into the ASEA. If it did, the product would just revert back to salt water as the chemicals would cause a reaction.

Anyway, I hope that helps.
Aaron Murakami

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