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I haven't given up either. I'v been busy with other builds, but finished wrapping my BIG transformer with 8 strands of #18 wire, and have all the parts to build Matt's latest circuit. Going to give that a shot. Got all the parts for it, so I could build it right now, but have been trying to figure out how to incorporate the new board Matt designed and I built into the schematic. If I can't figure it out, I'll just do it without the board.

I also let a battery dry out in the sun for over a week to see if I could "kill" it.

Plus I need to retest the "bad" battery I added metal shavings to and see how time has affected its ability to charge and hold charge.

Lots of things working, just no positive results to post here.

By the way, am I the ONLY one who is building Matt's latest circuit?? Free energy schematics are like a box of chocolates.....

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