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Hello Madhatter

Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
very good information. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

symmetry keeps things in the box, wrapped up nicely and no room for questions. the balanced push-pull system = 0.

I was doing some more research and going over my notes last night on the transformer core that's comprised of capacitor plates. The unbalanced or asymetrical surface area and number of plates between polarities is most likely why I'm getting such a gain and why it also pulls so heavily from ground. It's trying to balance it-self but since the ground is at the load side it has to balance and match the load as well.

Hello Madhatter,

Thanks, my pleasure.

Yes, the System incredibly tries to "Naturally Balance Itself"...incredible isn't it?

Bob French realized that when charging batteries with my set-up...
I have also noticed when adding higher loads...

Well after all it is a Natural Response from Nature...trying to Balance out our "Bait" sent out through our magnetic field.


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