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Yggdrasil, the world tree, Ygg=Oden, drasil=horse, also 'the terrible one's horse'. The tree of Mimer, guardian of the well of knowledge.

It has 3 roots.
One to Asgård and Midgård, the god's and the human's worlds.
One to Jotunheim/Utgård, the giant's world. The birth place of Loke.
One to Nifelheim, the underworld or 'hell' in christian etymology.

Under each root is a well.
Urdar, destiny, where the gods meet.
Mimer's well, the well of knowledge and wisdom.
Hvergelmer, the river that is the origin of all other waters. The home of Nidhögg, the evil serpent that bite the root and destroys the tree.

Whack Chan, the world tree, Pacal defeating death gods at 9 levels and thereafter sinking down to the underworld. Oden hanging 9 days to experience death and learning 9 songs and 18 runes. Every 9th year Oden was celebrated by the humans.

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