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Thanks MonieurM, it makes sense.

So the ignorant man removes the moon and kickstarts his armageddon.

Oden were a curious god, of flesh and blood but a god in respect of his knowledge. Anyone could expect to meet him in his travels through this world. The god of war and death, poetry and knowledge, defender of the good, foster brother with the evil Loke, in an eternal conflict between his promise of brotherhood with the devil but the necessity to fight villainy.

Oden, the one-eyed, who payed for a sip of water from the well of wisdom with one of his eyeballs to the guardian Mimer, and 'accidently' dropped the eyeball in the well and therefore see everything there is to come. His two ravens Hugin and Munin, reason and intuition, keeps him updated on everything that happens in the gods and humans worlds. The Völva couldn't tell him anything he didn't already knew... so who is she? Oden were known as a shape shifter when travelling this world, Midgård. His two wolfs, Gere and Freke, the gluttonous and the 'stabber', represents his completeness in duality. His eightlegged horse Sleipner who could take him anywhere, from highest heaven to the underworlds, from fire to ice, from light to darkness.

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