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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
Now you have read it Physically .... now try alchemically or if you prefer Druidically .... with the moon as your soul / Female Pole ..... and you the beast

it is verse 44 after all HM 8 ......... Mercury / Hermes the androgen
the first thing you should notice is who is allowed to discuss with a God .... a being of higher realm ..... a Female ..... or a Female Pole

a völva or seeress .... Volva .... which resembles the word Vulva : Female Genitals .... another Female Pole

The Prophet said that women
totally dominate men of intellect and possessors of hearts,
But ignorant men ]dominate women,
for they are shackled by the ferocity of animals ( the wolf / troll in the Nordic Poem ) .
try it too ... All is analogy / Fractal

one more thing :

a Valkyrie is a Female Warrior ( not necessarily stupid )

“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them”
Miyamoto Musashi , Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy
If you think about it Joan of Arc could have been a Valkyrie .... she changed the course of History

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