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Symmetric versus Asymmetric Electromagnetic Systems

Symmetric versus Asymmetric Electromagnetic Systems

I wanted to start this thread before I move on to disclose the type of motors and generators that took me to the paths of Radiant Energy in another Thread.
As they are based on Asymmetric Technology, I certainly believe it will help understand the concept better, avoiding future comparisons-conflicts between this two completely different systems.
It took me a while to put all this material together, it is back up by several tests with many different types of sizes and configuration Models that I have built over more than two decades. Plus all the research and developed work that goes back in our history to more than a Century ago...
I will keep this document as simple as possible, in order to be understood easier.
The main body of this document is written by me, and please forgive any misspellings or not to well redacted text, whenever I copy-paste paragraphs, I will insert a reference to a link at the bottom of this thread. I will try to maintain it as brief as possible.

The History

The Father of Magnetism, James Clerk Maxwell , gave Us an Incredible and great Dynamic Theory of Electromagnetism, his analysis extends to the deepest interactions basically from space , the Vortex Theory of Molecules. The Scientists of his time found his Theory very hard to accept not only because of its complexity, but the way he refers to as an Electromagnetic Field, something intangible and not simple to analyze ..."Maxwell's Theory becomes simple and intelligible only when you give up thinking in terms of mechanical models. Instead of thinking of mechanical objects as primary and electromagnetic stresses as secondary consequences, You must think of the Electromagnetic field as primary and mechanical forces as secondary..." (2)

At his final developments He derived into two main fields to calculate-study his Electromagnetic Theory:

1- The Symmetric Systems

2- The Asymmetric Systems

The Symmetrical Systems were the ones adopted by All EE (Electrical Engineering) Universities in the World since the fall of the 19th Century (1880-to late 1890's), right after the death of Maxwell in 1879, the Heaviside Vectorial Equations started to suffer a "Process of Symmetrization" by Nobel Prize Scientist Hendrik Lorentz , financed by J.P Morgan and Thomas A. Edison...
Asymmetrical Systems were completely disregarded from further teachings in any Technological Center or Universities of the related fields in the World.

Lt. Colonel Thomas Bearden writes:

"H. A. Lorentz was the man who was elicited to do the necessary "symmetrization" with ease, thereby accomplishing exactly what Morgan decreed to his own advisors that must be done: Get rid of those Tesla systems capable of taking and freely using EM energy from the active medium. H. A. Lorentz (with the "t") simply lifted and used what L. V. Lorenz (without the "t") had already done.

For the deliberate "fixing" of the already sharply curtailed Heaviside equations, see H. A. Lorentz, "La Théorie électromagnétique de Maxwell et son application aux corps mouvants," [The Electromagnetic Theory of Maxwell and its application to moving bodies], Arch. Néerl. Sci., Vol. 25, 1892, p. 363-552. [Also in H. A. Lorentz, Collected Papers, The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, vol. 2, pp. 168-238, esp. p. 168.] This is the work that Lorentz cites later (in 1895) for his proof of the symmetrical regauging theorems (the two equations of symmetrical regauging).

This is the "symmetrization" (at the direction of J. P. Morgan) of the Heaviside equations that arbitrarily discarded all remaining asymmetrical Maxwellian systems – thus discarding all systems that receive excess EM energy freely from the "active medium" (active vacuum) and could use this free energy to power loads and themselves. With this "fix", Morgan was assured that Tesla’s discovery of the active medium – and that EM energy could be extracted from it – would never be taught.

All the Motors that we have access up to now are symmetrical.
Symmetrical Systems are Closed Systems that equals Zero in a "Balanced Equation" of Energy Conservation.
They balance by canceling and constant reverse electromagnetic interactions.(Motors Related)

The Main Concept

The Symmetry or Asymmetry does not necessarily relate to the Geometrical and Structural Disposition of any given Electromagnetic System Components, but to the way they Interact Internally or Externally with each others. Example: We could have a Three Pole Armature Motor, (very asymmetrical) and two stators, but still falling within the Symmetrical Systems Category.

The Asymmetric Systems are Open Systems, when applying them to Motor Structure Coils configured in a fashion as not to interconnect them as a whole "pack" in a serial or parallel circuit, but disposed Independently Connected by pairs or by Groups of Sequenced Pairs.
Asymmetric Systems expands to all Electric-Electromagnetic Systems that includes Transformers and Capacitors. A typical Asymmetrical transformer is the Tesla Core less Coil, and all derivations from different Inventors through decades, like Don Smith or Tariel Kapanadze models.

The Typical Symmetrical Motors we are familiar with and mostly used up to now in daily applications, is the Lap or Overlapped Winding, it applies to all PM Brushed Motors and also to Universal Motors, the only difference in the last one is that it uses a Stator as a winded coil or Field versus a PM, Permanent Magnet Stator. This type of winding connected in series all coils in the armature, overlapping between coils, it is also known as a "Short Circuit Motor"...

Depending on the design, two or four brushes-stators, the 360 degrees turn will be divided in Two or Four Sections, where sequences of coils change voltage and magnetic polarity as soon as it leaves a section. This cancels all external magnetic resonance or feedback of every coil, electron and flux collision galore generates undesired heat, therefore must of this machines require a fixed fan to the end of shaft. This is the "Symmetrical Obsolete Systems" we use everyday, from an Automobile window, windshield wiper, seats adjustments, Starter, Fan Blowers, etc,etc...all the way to Drills, handheld or AC, hair blowers, Air Conditioning Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, etc,etc...the list is endless.

An exception to the brushed motor ,also Symmetrical, would be the lately used BLDC Motor, (Brush Less Direct Current) which uses a DC Three Phase Square Wave, generated by Three Channels of Heavy Duty MOSFET's, since their windings could be only two types: Star (Y) or Delta. Both connect in series with each others.
However, this type of motors does not have yet the powerful starting torque like a Brushed motor. It could be achieved, but by heavy duty and expensive controlling-management circuitry, and not applicable in limited small space like a brushed motor could be installed. Lately is being used in EV and small Utility Recreational transport vehicles, like Golf Carts, Bikes, Scooters, etc.

It is understood that all AC Motors, by the nature of its type of sine wave that fluctuates between Negative-Positive every 50-60 Hertz/Second plus the type of windings they utilize, will be also included in the Symmetrical Closed Systems.

Symmetrical Systems explained by Tom Bearden...

"...It is that Lorentz symmetrical regauging of the equations -- and the ubiquitous use of the well-grounded closed current loop circuit containing both the external (transmission) circuit and load, and the basic source of potential (i.e., the generator) in it -- that is the problem. The closed current loop circuit physically enforces Lorentz symmetrical regauging, which in turn guarantees back emf (or mmf) is equal to forward emf in our EM circuits and systems. Hence it forces half of the free regauging energy (from the vacuum) appearing in the external circuit to be used for nothing but destroying the main source of potential (the main source of dipolarizing the circuitry). The other half of the energy is used to power the loads and losses in the external circuit. So less than half is used to power the load, while a full half is used to destroy the source dipolarity. To RESTORE the dipolarity requires that we then input at least as much as was used to destroy it. Hence we are forced always to input and pay more energy to restore the source dipolarity (that actually extracts the energy from the vacuum) than we get out there as power in the load. I.e., we always have COP<1.0 power systems, unless we ring in some normal natural observable energy from the environment as from a flowing river, blowing wind, solar radiation, etc.

"Such a closed current loop circuit and resulting EM system can never produce COP>1.0 from the vacuum, even though all the fields and potentials and energy appearing in the external circuit are extracted directly from the local vacuum by their associated source charges in that circuit, a priori. Simply look into the known polarization of the vacuum that occurs from the presence of any charge, and then examine what "asymmetry of opposite charges -- i.e., asymmetry of that dipolarization -- means. It means that the beast directly absorbs virtual energy from the seething vacuum, coherently integrates it into observable photon energy size, and re-emits the energy as real, observable EM energy emitted in all directions. We have previously shown the solution to that "source charge problem", taken directly from particle physics. We also showed the fundamental coherent integration mechanism that is able to consume positive entropy of the virtual state and produce negative entropy in the observable state..."

Must of Nikola Tesla original Patents of Motors Generators are based on Independent Pairs of Coils, creating "Dipoles", or Groups thereof (Several Dipoles), Independently Connected, open, not connected in series through all the circuit as a huge short...Then We have all other suppressed Motor-Generators technology not easily available and most of times not containing all the spec's to be reproduced...except that We build it ourselves.

The Asymmetrical Systems since they are open, they allow to create a series of exchange of Energy Reaction to our Inputs, based on Electromagnetic Resonance or Electromagnetic Feedback in every spin (on a Motor),or in every pulse of input in a Static Coil.
One of the first Asymmetrical Motor was Faraday's Unipolar Motor, later modified by Nikola Tesla.

Asymmetrical Systems does not violates the Energy Conservation Laws, since they are not part of them.

The Asymmetric Electromagnetic Systems expands all the way to Transformers, Capacitors, Inductors, however, my main purpose in this Thread is to focus in Electrodynamic Machines.

If someone is interested in reviewing a great article dedicated to Asymmetrical Coils, Transformers and Capacitors, I recommend Vladimir Utkin FREE ENERGY Article pdf that I found posted at the Don Smith Thread.

Thanks for reading it, and I hope it defines properly the two Systems differences.

My Regards to All


(1)Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source - PESWiki
(3)The Tom Bearden Website

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