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Originally Posted by Michael C View Post
Well that's interesting. I compare different translations and I think this sentence is or could have been misinterpreted:

Was soon to steal | the sun from the sky.

The original word translated as 'sun' is actually meaning 'moon' or even further back 'planet' or 'celestial body'. The troll/leprechaun who stole the moon/planet/sphere, fed from dead bodies and poured blood upon the god's home.

The old giantess in the iron forest are giving birth to the wolf Fenrir's children. The greatest of them will snatch the moon or some other celestial body away, which will alter the climate and blacken the sun. After that, in verse 44, armageddon/ragnarök starts to roll out. Ragnarök will be known to come when Fimbul winter occurs. Winters will be longer and longer until there's snow all year around. Ice age, atomic winter or dust phenomena from some other cosmic event when our moon goes missing?

I'm not much into the catastrophic idea but it's intriguing how that theme reappears everywhere.

I'd associate the serpent to Hartmann/Curry lines, there's power to be tapped when uniting earth and cosmos, besides many other good things as well.
Now you have read it Physically .... now try alchemically or if you prefer Druidically .... with the moon as your soul / Female Pole ..... and you the beast

it is verse 44 after all HM 8 ......... Mercury / Hermes the androgen
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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