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Originally Posted by SYDERA View Post
Have you considered the archetypes of woman presented by Baudilaire's Flowers of Evil His women are intimidating, he says:
Beauty is like a "sphinx" against whose stone breast every man bruises himself. These chthonian themes are in contrast to Rousseau's tender depiction of woman, all blossom in the breeze and soft lovliness! In Gautier's poem, "Contralto" (1849) opens with a description of the 'sleeping hermaphrodite, it is then revealed that it is the poet viewing a statue(sexually ambiguous) whilst listening to a female singer with a husky contralto voice- between male and female. I have read that the hermaphroditus theme at the end of the Romantic period was a symbol of the impossible; a mutiple beauty, like the multifaceted concepts to be later explored in Cubism.

There you are- 3 in one concept of woman?
Fleur du Mal brings up memories of my ignorance .... was offered this book a long time ago .... youth .... had other matters to attend to ..... maybe time to read it .... thank you for bringing it up
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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