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in nature you'll always have pole positive / negative , Red / Blue , Centrifugal / Centripedal , Emit / Receive , Male / Female , Hummingbird/Flower .... and in the middle the Child who has not gone through his / her " Puberty" .... androgynous .... Purple

Yes, and re the child as androgenous, I had a the same thought- the child is androgenous in the sense that it is a genetic combination of male and female and yet itself sexually immature.

just so you know ... i don't sit like the drawing above and sing Aum all day ....

LOL! A few months ago I painted a similar structure to the above on my living room wall. I was getting lots of white and orange sparks as I was slightly entranced. It evolved naturally and afterwards I realised I had, by chance shown all the energy points of the body, i used simple flower and leaf shapes- very low on technical know how so cannot show you via a photo- will see what I can do.
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