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24 I said, "Christ, where did the counterfeit spirit come from?''

He said to me, "(It all began) when the Mother whose mercy is great and the holy Spirit, the compassionate, who troubles herself with us—the seed that is, the Epinoia of the light awakened the thinking of human beings of the generation of the eternal, luminous, perfect Human. Then the Chief Ruler knew that they surpassed him in the excellence of their wisdom. He wanted to restrict their plan for he was ignorant. He did not understand [that] they were wiser than he. He made a plan with his powers. {He made a plan and begot Fate.}
Re the counterfeit spirit- Sorry, being distracted by small child!
Ok, in that case, is this about the exisistance of more than one 'Adam', where the first was too intelligent and was re-engineered re splitting the brain in two to make him less intelligent? Is this the influence of a counterfeit spirit?
Do you know about Lilith, a kind of Kali figure, a female demon who seduced husbands and ate babies? She was Adams first wife. Her name appears to be the root of the word lullaby, whereby a mother sang to her baby to protect it from the threat of Lilith- chthonian themes abound!
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