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Originally Posted by SYDERA View Post
The Nag Hammadi is a collection of 13 papyrus codices, found buried beneath the city of Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt, possibly written in the 2/3rdC, CE. It includes early thoughts re Christian, Neoplatonic, Hermetic, Sethian and Valentinian thought.

In the book of Zostrianos we encounter the figure of Barbelo:
The Emergence of the Barbelo Aeon from the Triple-Powered Spirit.
Barbelo could be seen as the first mother, the womb of mankind, and possibly an androgenous figure. Interesting that this form of 'mother', although appearing at times masculine as well as feminine came from a triple powered spirit. I imagine there is a link with the triple headed 'White Goddess', associated with the bardic tradition/pagan/Beth, Luis,Nuin tree alphabet of pre christian society. Is the triple headed mother, pure energy, like the DEWAs of the Kolbrein Text?

Barbelo Aeon in Jewish gematria is 369

Check out the link below for starters, be interested in your thoughts.
Barbelo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
if you also look at the myth of Odin .... he is male and Female
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