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I donít always agree with boguslaw on everything but one thing I think we could both agree on is the safety of any new free energy device. Safety of free energy devices is something that seems to have very little discussion on free energy forums. I always wonder what would happen if a very successful free energy device was made, only to find out later that there is a huge downside to it.

For instance, if oil was discovered today, the EPA would instantly ban the burning of oil due to the immediate recognition that burning oil was a severe threat to human health.

However when oil was first discovered, it was thought to be the savior, the answer to all of mankindís energy needs. Of course this has proven to be wrong as wrong can be.

Of course at one time everyone was going to be driving a nuclear powered car and have a nuclear reactor in their home to supply all their electrical needs. Again wrong.

I have said before that, free energy could have a high price if not thoroughly investigated first before being made public. I am not saying this would be simple to do, but at least it should be a prime consideration. Just because energy is free or almost free does not automatically mean it is problem free.

I am all for eliminating the current mess we have gotten ourselves into by burning fossil fuels to produce energy, but I sure donít want to end up in a bigger mess with ďfreeĒ energy that may not really be free after all.

I find it odd that I have mentioned on several forums the safety of any new free energy device only to be shouted down as a stooge of the oil companies.

How odd indeed as when I look out the window at the blanket of smog and think how we are killing ourselves with this insane idea of burning material to produce energy.

I do think safety of any new energy producing device, free or otherwise demands scrutiny from all aspects to make sure we donít end up with a worse mess than we have now.

I donít think it is an unreasonable request to make.
One thing to keep in mind is, man wrote the laws regarding the conservation of energy, not nature.
Nature writes it's own laws regardless of what man thinks or does.
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