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Originally Posted by NickZ View Post
You are now showing a 1n4148 diode, and a 1 meg resistor. My question is:
How can you can light the led(s) off of a 1.5 volt battery, using such high resistance? Is this correct?

The higher the value of resister that I've used, the less light I get, and the lower the resistor value is , the hotter the transistor gets. I've already cooked three 2n2222, using 6 to 12 volts. I am still using the Jt set up mentioned in my previous pics, and video, with the L3 off of the control, and an earth ground off of the base.

I would like to be able to use my 4.5 AH 12 volt battery as the input source, and light as many leds as possible, using the most efficient and strongest Exciter coil system, to obtain the most amount of light output from the leds.

I've had wireless working up to one yard away from the L3, but not for long, before the little 2n2222 go up in smoke. Maybe I need to use bigger coils with higher resistance to ovoid overheating?
Any suggestions are welcome

@ Diljalaay
The current used in the video was around 90mA.

Yes the resistor is a 1M.Once this is started you can remove the resistor and it will stay running.

With the basic Exciter with the indicator light I would use a larger coil.
The coil I use is around 3 X 14 inches around 1000 turns.

The featured video I have on my UT page is my favorite setup.
I replaced the led with a second pancake coil just like my primary coil.
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