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Zrii | amalaki health drink

We have some very exciting information!

As you probably know, extra neurotransmitter activity is necessary for experiencing full benefits from the PATHS Modules. Because of this, additional nutrition is needed to create and maintain the health of these neurotransmitters.

Through PATHS research, they found that the best method of achieving optimal neurotransmitter health was from the extra minerals and amino acids found in Spirulina. However, there are some people who are unable to take Spirulina because they are on blood thinners, have PKU, or just plain don’t like Spirulina!

Because of this, we, ESM, took it upon ourselves to find an alternative for Spirulina. The thought of someone not experiencing the wonders of PATHS because they could not take Spirulina was, well…we didn’t like it!

Through our research, we found a few ok alternatives, and one AMAZING one!

We found Zrii.

Zrii is a nutritional drink made from 7 different herbs and fruits. These herbs and fruits have proved to be some of the most potent health support found on earth, dating back 5000 years to the beginning of Ayurveda, the holistic Indian health system.

The ingredients are:


The combination of these fruits and herbs come together to make one powerful drink!

It’s comprehensive ingredients are so packed with nutrients and amino acids, that it has shown to build and maintain additional neuro-pathways in the brain needed for optimum results from the Modules. This means it can replace the need for Spirulina!

In fact, this powerhouse drink is not only capable of replacing the need for Spirulina, but it has some other great health benefits as well. Zrii has been shown to increase relaxation, healthy digestion, resistance to infection, ease arthritis, lower cholesterol, and the list goes on and on.


PATHS was so happy about our discovery of Zrii that they decided to create a Zrii Module!

Here are a few excerpts from the Module description:

“This Module is designed to support and enhance the function of Zrii… the groundbreaking new health drink.”

“So why make a Module for this wonder drink that already seems to possess so much of what is needed for good health? Because we know that with the support of this Module, Zrii can have even better effects on the health of your body and mind!”

“This Module can supercharge the benefits of drinking Zrii!”

And the best part about this Module is that it is FREE for any PATHS Customers!

So not only can you receive supercharged benefits from Zrii, but you can do it for free!

To read the full Module description and to order this Module, checkout your PATHS website.

But in order to do this, of course, you need to find some Zrii!

To get some Zrii, all you have to do is go to Zrii Home and order some up (Click on "Join the Zrii Family" on the right side)!

Remember, this will take the place of your Spirulina!

The packages are a little unclear so here we will explain:

After you enter in your information on where to ship, etc., you will be asked which package you would like to order. There are several options and they are:

Zrii 4-Pack ($120.00)
Zrii Fridge Pack (135.00)
Zrii 8-Pack ($240.00)
2 Zrii Fridge Packs ($270.00)

* 4 & 8 Packs are 25 oz./ 750 ml Bottles
** Fridge Packs Contain Thirty 3 oz. Trial Sizes

Also, if you have any queries about Zrii, PATHS has a dedicated Zrii customer service representative just for your questions!

His name is Byron and he can be contacted through the forum, or by phone. His phone number is 877-336-4492.

Some important things to remember:

Spirulina works just as good as it always did, this is just an alternative for people to try, or for those who cannot (or don't want to) take Spirulina.

The Free Zrii Module is for current PATHS customers only. There is a Zrii Module for sale that can be purchased by anyone who is not yet a PATHS customer. They are the same in content.

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