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Originally Posted by roguetechie View Post

I had thought that you were a proponent of the ainslie circuit at one time? Honestly I've been reading the material but there's just so much of it that I haven't got far between the stuff at panacea university and the various threads.

Maybe I should just go to my standby plan of trying to build a small concentrated solar array using auto parts and refrigerant instead. I am sorely disappointed that you consider the design not worth pursuing.
Hi roguetechie,

I did more verifiable testing and evaluation on the COP>17 device than any other person in the open source community with a boat load of data available in one place for anyone to see at my SkyDrive public account!104

The last position on the eight months of testing and evaluation I did is posted here and like many other devices people get involved with opinions on the results of those tests can and sometimes do change this is one of those devices.

One has to remember the earth was at one time to believed to be flat and things do change, sometimes not as one would like but with credible and verifiable evidence of differences truth should always prevail.

Personally of all the devices out there the "Lloyd Tanner" steam boiler Friction Heater - YouTube is one of the more credible ideas to work on with real power potential and possibly being a self runner if configured properly.

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