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Originally Posted by roguetechie View Post
Hey guys,

I am new to the electronics world (brand new). I'm a first year mechanical engineering student (not even to the good stuff yet still doing general's) and I've developed an interest in the ainsley circuit. I've downloaded the two big data packs which I'm slowly reading (and wiki'ing all the terms I don't understand).

I have a question though which I can't seem to find the answer to in the packet. What gauge and type of resistive heating wire do I need for the 10 ohm resistor? and is the 1.25" measurement the inside diameter of the coil or the outside diameter?

Also what do I need besides the basic circuit components to start building and testing this? Should I buy a multimeter or should I instead buy an oscilloscope? if so what types would you recommend for someone on a budget?

I know this is a lot of questions but you guys have done more with the ainsley circuit than any other place out there and so I figured I'd come here for my information.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Roguetechie,

Welcome to the Energetic forum.

I'm afraid that this device from Rosemary Ainslie with a claim of COP>INFINITY has more that it share of problems and the inventor publisher Rosemary has had her three different threads "LOCKED" down relating to this device.

Rosemary Ainslie COP>17 Circuit / A First Application on a Hot Water Cylinder

Rosemary Ainslie circuit demonstration on Saturday March 12th 2011

another small breakthrough on our NERD technology.

There was a YouTube video made called "Rosemary Ainslie circuit demonstration 12 March 2011" filmed at CPTU university in South Africa on this device.

Rosemary Ainslie circuit demonstration 12 March 2011 - YouTube

It was found to be fraudulent ( POST #17 - Patrick Kelly/Rosemary Anslie circuits ) showing in the video a device schematic that wasn't for the device being demonstrated in the video, it wasn't even close to what was being shown as proof of the claim of COP>INFINITY.

There also has been problems with Rosemary's mathematical results for the basis of her power measurement findings including understanding formulas for joules, watts and current.

At this time there is a thread at Testing the TK Tar Baby with a discussion on trying to replicate the published data that does exist in a attempt to do a actual scientific replication of the findings of a COP>INFINITY with all the stumbling blocks that are being thrown at anyone trying to replicate the device and verify the claim. The problem being again is the collaboration and verification of only the errors in the claim and there has been nothing close to a COP>1 let alone a COP>INFINITY found or shown.

The owner and moderator of OverUnity ( Stefan) has requested multiple times that Rosemary Ainslie re-test the COP>INFINITY device in a scientific method that can be reproduced without all the measurement errors that have been found and proven in all the prior testing and evaluation done. At this point Rosemary hasn't done any re-testing because of the fact if she does and there is differences or errors in the results her attached "THESIS" to the COP>INFINITY device would be null and void, so any more testing for the most part probably will never happen. The testing and evaluation that was done for this device was also sent by Rosemary to accredited journals and magazines for possible professional peer review and publication but was withdrawn by Rosemary because of all the errors in them.

At this point Rosemary has been banned from most all alternative open source forums including this one, but it comes to a time after years of the same inadequate presentations of her personal proof of concept given on devices she claims to have invented to make something work as advertized and we are still waiting for her to comply with that request.

I also might add she was challenged by me to provide a demonstration on my free open source web site service created for inventors with their own device and/or measuring equipment to prove their work "LIVE" on a 24/7 STREAMING WEB BROADCASTING CHANNEL using their own web camera this also includes a interactive chat room for viewers FROM AROUND THE WORLD to witness the device in operation ask questions and give comments.

Open Source Research and Development Organization - Home Page

Rosemary Ainslie denied to show her device "LIVE" for all to see the results she claims.

My opinion at this point is for everyone to stay clear of this device until verifiable proof can be made or a "LIVE" presentation is done.

I also have my have others to challenge to a "LIVE" presentation as there is fraudulent devices everywhere in the open source community that experimentalist waste their money and time on giving free engineering to devices or products that don't work and never will.

Open Source Experimentalist
Open Source Research and Development

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