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AInsley circuit replication attempt questions

Hey guys,

I am new to the electronics world (brand new). I'm a first year mechanical engineering student (not even to the good stuff yet still doing general's) and I've developed an interest in the ainsley circuit. I've downloaded the two big data packs which I'm slowly reading (and wiki'ing all the terms I don't understand).

I have a question though which I can't seem to find the answer to in the packet. What gauge and type of resistive heating wire do I need for the 10 ohm resistor? and is the 1.25" measurement the inside diameter of the coil or the outside diameter?

Also what do I need besides the basic circuit components to start building and testing this? Should I buy a multimeter or should I instead buy an oscilloscope? if so what types would you recommend for someone on a budget?

I know this is a lot of questions but you guys have done more with the ainsley circuit than any other place out there and so I figured I'd come here for my information.

Thanks in advance,

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