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Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
But, I still (naively) thought that the delegate system was a 'fair, honest, transperent' system. Now, as a result of seeing whats happened with RP I realise, once again, how rigged the system is.

Again, hoping I'm not repeating myself, but RP is the ONLY Candidate that can appeal to BOTH 'Tea Partiers' and 'Occupiers'; that alone should be enough to cause people to give him a second look. Jim
I'm sure many people would give him a second look if only the PTB through their control of the MSM would allow them to have a first look. But obviously they are terrified of him and his message.

Until we have a truly open and transparent voting system this will continue. We need to go back to paper ballots that are hand counted where anyone that wishes to watch the counting is free to do so. Whenever the counting is done in secrete or by machine there is a greater potential for cheating.
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