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Let's see what else can we find Dissecting the Norse Poem

Let us take Unity or 1 or 1 - Magician

--------------------side note 6 3 9 in the Pythagorian Tarot

6 - Love 3 - Emperor and 9 - Fortitude

-------------------------------- continuing 1 - Magician

1. For silence I pray all
sacred children,
great and small,
sons of Heimdall
they will that I Valfather´s
deeds recount,
men´s ancient saws,
those that I best remember.

10. Then was Mötsognir
created greatest
of all the dwarfs,
and Durin second;
there in man’s likeness
they created many
dwarfs from the earth,
as Durin said.

19. I know an ash standing
Yggdrasil hight,
a lofty tree, laved
with limpid water:
thence come the dews
into the dales that fallæ
ever stands it green
over Urd´s fountain.

28. Broken was the outer wall
of the Æsir´s burgh.
The Vanir, forseeing conflict
tramp oér the plains.
Odin cast (his spear),
and mid the people hurled it:
that was the first
warfare in the world.

37. From that shrub was made,
as to me it seemed,
a deadly, noxious dart.
Hödr shot it forth;
But Frigg bewailed,
in Fensalir,
Valhall’s calamity.
Understand ye yet, or what?

46. Hard is it in the world,
great *****dom,
an axe age, a sword age,
sheilds will be cloven,
a wind age, a wolf age,
ere the world sinks

55. Then comes the mighty
son of Hlódyn:
(Odin’s son goes
with the monster to fight);
Midgárd´s Veor in his rage
will slay the worm.
Nine feet will go
Fiörgyn´s son,
bowed by the serpent,
who feared no foe.
All men will
their homes forsake.

64. Then comes the mighty one
to the great judgement,
the powerful from above,
who rules o’er all.
He shall dooms pronounce,
and strifes allay,
holy peace establish,
which shall ever be.

got to think on it
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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