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36. I saw of Baldr,
the blood-stained god,
Odin’s son,
the hidden fate.
There stood grown up,
high on the plain,
slender and passing fair,
the mistletoe.

39. Then the Vala knew
the fatal bonds were twisting,
most rigid,
bonds from entrails made.

42. She saw a hall standing,
far from the sun,
in Náströnd;
its doors are northward turned,
venom-drops fall
in through its apertures:
entwined is that hall
with serpent’s backs.

45. Brothers shall fight,
and slay each other;
cousins shall
kinship violate.
The earth resounds,
the giantesses flee;
no man will
another spare.

48. Trembles Yggdrasil’s
ash yet standing;
groans that aged tree,
and the jötun is loosed.
Loud bays Garm
before the Gnupa-cave,
his bonds he rends asunder;
and the wolf runs.

51. Surt from the south comes
with flickering flame;
shines from his sword
the Val-god’s sun.
The stony hills are dashed together,
the giantesses totter;
men tread the path of Hel,
and heaven is cloven.

54. Then comes the great
victor-sire’s son,
Vidar, to fight
with the deadly beast.
He with his hands will
make his sword peirce
to the heart of the giant’s son:
then avenges he his father.

57. She sees arise,
a second time,
earth from ocean,
beauteously green,
waterfalls descending;
the eagle flying over,
which in the fell
captures fish (vesica piscis ) .

60. Unsown shall
the fields bring forth,
all evil be amended;
Baldr shall come;
Hödr and Baldr,
the heavenly gods,
Hropt´s glorious dwellings shall inhabit.
Understand ye yet, or what

think kali yuga or a recipe to make an over "UNity Device" ....fractal
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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