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follow up...64 verses

17. Until there came three
mighty and benevolent
Æsir to the world
from their assembly.
They found on earth,
nearly powerless,
Ask and Embla,
void of destiny.

18. Spirit they possessed not,
sense they had not,
blood nor motive powers,
nor goodly colour.
Spirit gave Odin,
sense gave Hoenir,
blood gave Lodur,
and goodly colour.

19. I know an ash standing
Yggdrasil hight,
a lofty tree, laved
with limpid water:
thence come the dews
into the dales that fallæ
ever stands it green
over Urd´s fountain.

20. Thence come maidens,
much knowing,
three from the hall,
which under that tree stands;
Urd hight the one,
the second Verdandi, -
on a tablet they graved -
Skuld the third.
Laws they established,
life allotted
to the sons of men;
destinies pronounced.

21. Alone she sat without,
when came that ancient
dread Æsir´s prince;
and in his eyes she gazed.

22. “Of what wouldst thou ask me?
Odin! I know all,
where thou thine eye didst sink
in the pure well of Mim.”
Mim drinks mead each morn
from Valfather’s pledge.
Understand ye yet, or what?

23. The chief of hosts gave her
rings and necklace,
useful discourse,
and a divining spirit:
wide and far she saw
o’er every world.

24. She the Valkyriur saw
from afar coming,
ready to ride
to the gods’ people:
Skuld held a sheild,
Skögul was second,
then Gunn, Hild, Göndul,
and Geirskögul.
Now are enumerated
Herian´s maidens,
the Valkyriur, ready
over the earth to ride.

25. She that war remembers,
the first on earth,
when Gullveig they
with lances pierced,
and in the high one´s hall
her burnt,
thrice burnt,
thrice brough her forth,
oft not seldom;
yet she still lives.

26. Heidi they called her,
whithersoe´r she came,
the well-forseeing Vala:
wolves she tamed,
magic arts she knew,
magic arts practised;
ever was she the joy
of evil people.

27. Then went the powers all
to their judgement-seats,
the all-holy gods,
and thereon held council,
whether the Æsir should
avenge the crime,
or all the gods
receive atonement.

28. Broken was the outer wall
of the Æsir´s burgh.
The Vanir, forseeing conflict
tramp oér the plains.
Odin cast (his spear),
and mid the people hurled it:
that was the first
warfare in the world.


29. Then went the powers all
to their judgement-seats,
the all-holy gods,
and thereon held council:
who had all the air
with evil mingled?
or to the Jötun race
Od´s maid had given?

30. There alone was Thor
with anger swollen.
He seldom sits,
when of the like he hears.
Oaths are not held sacred;
nor words, nor swearing,
nor binding compacts
reciprocally made.

31. She knows that Heimdall’s
horn is hidden
under the heaven-bright
holy tree.
A river she sees flow,
with foamy fall,
from Valfather’s pledge.
Understand ye yet, or what?

32. East sat the crone,
in Iárnvidir,
Fenrir´s progeny:
of all shall be
one especially
the moon’s devourer,
in a troll’s semblance.

33. He is sated with the last breath
of dying men;
the gods’ seat he
with red gore defiles:
swart is the sunshine then
for summers after;
all weather turns to storm.
Understand ye yet, or what?
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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