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ASEA Autoship

Originally Posted by occy30 View Post
Any chance ASEA will drop a little in price with all of the success and multinational exposure? Or maybe the way it's purchased? I would really like to just buy some as I want it. Not be required to setup auto-payments.

I was buying home supplies made from natural ingredients (and they were really good). You were required to purchase a minimum amount every month and to cancel required some inconvenient steps. Didn't like faxing a form when all it took to sign up was a internet connection and a credit card

The process to acquire this seems similar in that you sign up easily enough and commit to purchase a certain amount (of course with the "easy money back guarantee promises") but how hard is it to cancel? Do I need to talk with a representative first? Do I need to fax paperwork in with a notarized letter stating my dissatisfaction?

Please don't take this as a dig at you personally. Your obviously sold on this stuff and seem to believe it works (and have a heavily vested interest).

Hi Occy,

The price will probably stay the same. It is priced to be competetive with goji juices and the other direct marketed products, but of course with a superior product.

Autoship is $30 less than non autoship. You can cancel anytime on your own by disabling autoship in your customer account back office. It's that easy - no faxing, etc... and it is instantaneous.
Aaron Murakami

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