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as was previously mentioned Asymetry creates Anisotropy or as Walter Lao Russell wrote Female POle / Male Pole

Huifang XU, et al -- Zn Oxide photoelectrolysis

Abstract: Materials scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have designed a way to harvest small amounts of waste energy and harness them to turn water into usable hydrogen fuel. The process is simple, efficient and recycles otherwise-wasted energy into a usable form.

When the fibers bend, asymmetries in their crystal structures generate positive and negative charges and create an electrical potential. This phenomenon, called the piezoelectric effect, has been well known in certain crystals for more than a century and is the driving force behind quartz clocks and other applications.


side note

did you know that some "magic" egyptian amulet were made of :

consisting of crushed quartz, lime and alkali, which first made in Predynastic Egypt.
Three-dimensional chemistry at grinding powder

During the normal grinding of powders in a mortar, the powders can enter into
chemical reactions with each other.
This phenomenon has been known for years
but only now it has become possible to transform in this way three-dimensional
clusters of certain chemical compounds into other, also three-dimensional,
. The spectacularly easy reaction was conducted by scientists from the
Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty
of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology. The discovery was brought
about by the development of a new method of creation of unique compounds that
are precursors of nano zinc oxide a material used, in particular, in modern


a fractal will create / emit a crystal ..... and Crystal will emit Fractal
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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