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It seems that many roads lead back to Tesla and his observations

actually was thinking about the tesla battery turbine or more exactly the fractal properties of his design ..... It lead me to finally start reading Colorado Springs Notes

Colorado Springs Notes - Introduction

Colorado Springs Notes, 1899–1900

Colorado Springs Notes, 1899–1900 (ISBN 8617073527) is a book compiled and edited by Aleksandar Marinčić and Vojin Popović detailing the work of Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs at the turn of the 20th century.
and found an interesting info in the intro :

The experiments he wanted to perform Were not in fact carried out until the sixties of this century, when it was found that the Earth resonates at 8, 14 and 20 Hz. Tesla predicted that the resonances would be at 6, 18 and 30 Hz HM 6 , HM 9 , HM 3 . His preoccupation with this great idea slowed down the construction of his overseas radio station, and when radio transmission across the Atlantic was finally achieved with a simpler apparatus, he had to admit that his plans included not only the transmission of signals over large distances but also an attempt to transmit power without wires.

more :

Colorado Springs
June 7, 1899

Approximate estimate of a primary turn to be used in experimental station

63,900 cm HM 9

Two turns in series should be approx. 255,600 cm= 3 6 = HM 9.Diameter of loop = 8 feet=244 cm HM 1..
HM 9 + HM 1 = HM 1

Colorado Springs
June 10, 1899

If the mercury be raised to a temperature t degrees above normal it will expand for each degree 0.00018 HM 9
12 / 18 / 24

Colorado Springs
July 3, 1899

In experiments with the secondary as last described, fairly good resonance was obtained with 15 jars on each side of the primary. A length of wire No. 10—170 feet — was covered with intense streamers. The capacity — total — was 7.5x0.003=0.0225 mfd. Lp was approximately estimated 36x7x 104 cm. (six primary turns in series).

From this T=4.836 1/105 as calculated. This gives n=1/T=20,700 per sec. approx. With this vibration λ was nearly 9 miles or λ/4=2.25 miles. Actually, there was only one mile of secondary wire but owing to the large capacity (distributed) in the secondary the vibration was much slower than should be inferred from the length of wire. We may estimate the ideal capacity, which associated with the inductance of the secondary would give a vibration of the above frequency.
one last for this post:

Colorado Springs
July 9, 1899

ps: if there are calculations ....only looking at the end value for some Harmonic Math

in light of the previous quotes ..... it is possible replicate the following with the right turns / voltage / quartz wall / pyramid ratio


The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

Tesla turbine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tesla turbine is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented by Nikola Tesla in 1913. It is referred to as a bladeless turbine because it uses the boundary layer effect and not a fluid impinging upon the blades as in a conventional turbine. The Tesla turbine is also known as the boundary layer turbine, cohesion-type turbine, and Prandtl layer turbine (after Ludwig Prandtl). Bioengineering researchers have referred to it as a multiple disk centrifugal pump.[1][2] One of Tesla’s desires for implementation of this turbine was for geothermal power, which was described in "Our Future Motive Power".[3]

Student-made Tesla Turbine - YouTube

...... we know that the dillution of salt in water generates UV

and the first created battery was a stack of disks :

This image is based off fractals and the yin-yang symbol, and also reminds me of an electromagnetic field and very much like this chakra field diagram (, )--(and somewhat like this version of chakra energy flow —see Wikipedia: chakra for general info). When I showed this image to a friend of mine, he said it reminded him of the Cantor set. I didn't know what this was at the time but, after a bit of researching on the Web, I emailed a math professor who told me this image is "a depiction of a 'Cantor-like' process". Another interesting thing about this image is that it can be drawn by simply making smaller and smaller figure-8s (infinity symbol), which only intersect in the center. I call this "circular infinity" (2D) or "spherical infinity" (3D). Vortices can also be seen by spiraling down along the circle lines. This version is a base-2 division but a base-3 (and higher) division version is possible and used in esoteric literature.1

what do you think would happen if we merged these two Designs into one

or simply Quartz (piezo electric ) Disks + Salt Water ( UV emission ) :

the Tesla Quartz / Barium Titanate Turbine Battery

ps: nano quartz will also be produced through friction
“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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