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Asea Experiences

This stuff is certainly interesting...

As someone who struggles with a few different health problems that could be considered chronic, I noticed the way I felt on ASEA within a couple days was markedly different. Something a bit concerning though, is I think it may be cause of some overstimulation as some autoimmune issues had resurfaced and I have developed a light sensitivity in my right eye(something I struggled with sometime ago). This proved a bit concerning, so I stopped taking Asea, and proceedingly felt a bit worse then before I began the trial, and have now currently almost returned to baseline.

Any ideas or suggestions of what might have been occuring here? In taking a positive theory, I believe some of the problems may have been resurfacing as they were coming to light and being resolved, but at the same time the "burnt out" feeling I experienced after taking Asea was and is a tad bit alarming.

I'd like to give it another go and will probably keep everyone updated just in case someone else who suffers from any form of immune dysfunction and is considering taking Asea.
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