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Now we are about to travel the mystical world:

was searching for the 30th parallel ( foum hanch 30th parallel north - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).... due to mistyping ended up typing 30th para: which resulted in the following that caught my attention ( Harmonic Math ):

30th HM 3 para. Sura An-Naba' to Sura At-Takweer i.e Sura # 78 HM 6 to Sura # 81 HM 9
so a quick search for the titles found the following:

The Koran, Sura 42-114

Sura 78 - the News 41 VERSES
Sura 79 - Those who Drag Forth 46 VERSES
Sura 80 - He Frowned - 42 VERSES
Sura 81 - the Folded Up 29 VERSES
Sura 82 - the Cleaving 19 VERSES
will have to check it out ...and see what comes up

Sura 78 HM 6 - THE NEWS

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Of what ask they of one another?
Of the great NEWS.1
The theme of their disputes.
Nay! they shall certainly know its truth!
Again. Nay! they shall certainly know it.
Have we not made the Earth a couch?
And the mountains its tent-stakes?
We have created you of two sexes,
And ordained your sleep for rest,
And ordained the night as a mantle,
And ordained the day for gaining livelihood,
And built above you seven solid2 heavens,
And placed therein a burning lamp;
And we send down water in abundance from the rain-clouds,
That we may bring forth by it corn and herbs,
And gardens thick with trees.
Lo! the day of Severance is fixed;
The day when there shall be a blast on the trumpet, and ye shall come in crowds,
And the heaven shall be opened and be full of portals,
And the mountains shall be set in motion, and melt into thin vapor.
Hell truly shall be a place of snares,
The home of transgressors,
To abide therein ages;
No coolness shall they taste therein nor any drink,
Save boiling water and running sores;
Meet recompense!
For they looked not forward to their account;
And they gave the lie to our signs, charging them with falsehood;

But we noted and wrote down all:
‘Taste this then: and we will give you increase of nought but torment.’
But, for the God-fearing is a blissful abode,
Enclosed gardens and vineyards;
And damsels with swelling breasts, their peers in age,
And a full cup:
There shall they hear no vain discourse nor any falsehood:
A recompense from thy Lord — sufficing gift! —

Lord of the heavens and of the earth, and of all that between3 them lieth — the God of Mercy! But not a word shall they obtain from Him.

On the day whereon the Spirit4 and the Angels shall be ranged in order, they shall not speak: save he whom the God of Mercy shall permit, and who shall say that which is right .

This is the sure day. Whoso then will, let him take the path of return to his Lord.

Verily, we warn you of a chastisement close at hand:

The day on which a man shall see the deeds which his hands have sent before him; and when the unbeliever shall say, ‘Oh! would I were dust!’
It is interesting .... very much so .... on many levels .... electromagnetically... Alchemicaly Fractal Remember

note that line 37 = HM 3 + HM 7 = HM 1

Lord of the heavens and of the earth, and of all that between3 them lieth — the God of Mercy! But not a word shall they obtain from Him.
“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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