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forgot to add ... several members of the nine ( see Peter Levenda ) / the Elite has "Pied-à-terre " in Morocco

one example

Forbes, Malcolm - Overview, Personal Life, Chronology: Malcolm Forbes, Career Details, Social and Economic Impact - Magazine, Father, Business, and Publisher - JRank Articles

If only a few could remember Malcolm Forbes’ birth, millions of people knew how old he was when he died. Extensive press coverage of the lavish 70th birthday party he hosted for himself in Morocco in September 1989 ensured that. The list of celebrities read like a who’s who of Hollywood, politicians, and European royalty. Television and newspapers carried the minute details across the world, including the menu and entertainment. In 1983 in People magazine, Arthur Lubow commented, “Not since antitrust spoilsports put the kibosh on the Gilded Age has an American capitalist reveled so openly in the pleasures that money can buy.”
ps: 89 was also the bicentennial of the French Revolution ... which allegedly Count St Germain was part of ( the reviolution that is )

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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