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a follow up to this post :


it is an interesting presentation of legend and myth in Morocco : (keep in mind the level of knowledge of the story tellers ( ie a Fractal Antenna / Flunkch Detector ) )

translated using google :

Mythes et lĂ©gendes Ă* Imouzzer Kandar - Nature et Culture en Hautes-Terres


Imouzzer Kandar and Morocco are renowned as a land of home, warm and hospitable ... But did you know the stories of the most spectacular events taking place at night in this beautiful country?
It is that in the mountainous region of the Atlas There are funny stories are told, even by the most learned of people who talk about appearances ... satanic rise of individuals ... the history of a Berber abducted by aliens. Vou know the devil Aicha Kendoucha? Queen of Satanism? The rituals of Aďssawas ... but also the "Berla diel Kbor" during the nights of Morocco .... those walking alone at night in the plains or the mountains without witnessing apparitions is a miracle . Little literature is published in Europe concerning these diabolical phenomena. Black magic is widespread in an ultra convenient all segments of Moroccan society, there is a branch of occult studies specific to Islam (based on numerology , the grids / matrices and related entities) who called dimyati is relatively well established in the Souss which they say has the best exorcists and witch doctors, come from this region. ( southern morocco ..... Foum Hanch )
The Moroccan Myths and legends are reflective of the society that shaped them, the company that inherited a sober, without emphasis, and cohesion that are noticed certainly in the crafts common to African tales , tales that appear "needy" who wants to compare them to the Arabian Nights where the wealth of description, the excess of detail correspond to an art confined areas. The Myths and legends that still heard in Imouzzer. Between Aicha Kendicha and Berla Diele Kbor.

it is interesting to note that some high level Strangeness exist within that geographical area : ( Spain - Morocco )

you have in Morocco :

Chamharouch, the king of "jinn" ( The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna )and Aicha Kendoucha? Queen of Satanism? ....

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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