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Affordability & Safety Issues

I agree...If these batteries are not affordable, or can be made affordable when mass-produced, they might be a non-issue for common consumers. But since they are based on Thorium, and less than 8 grams could power an automobile for a lifetime, I calculated that 48 grams would be required for a two bedroom house and 150,000 amps of appliances. Based on this I did some more math based on the cost of unprocessed, raw, Thorium (30 times more abundant than Uranium and current selling for $250 per kilogram) So less than $10 of Thorium is required to power a 2 bedroom house.

But we have to factor in a profit margin and the costs of processing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, packaging, and distribution. So now we are up to $500 MSRP for a battery powerful enough for a 2 bedroom house. Given only a 10 year life cycle that comes out to $50 per year. But the government would surely want to find a way to tax it and probably add a disposal fee as well so now we double the MSRP to $1,000. When factored into the cost of a new home or even retrofitted, what homeowner cannot afford this? Especially when you consider that the average American home owner spends $3,857 a year on electricity. So, the costs and savings are only an issue to those that now greatly profit from metered electricity, and unless they can control and monopolize the new scalable batteries, they will conspire with the oil companies to find devious ways to keep them off the market.

Getting back to Black Sheep Bill's OP, the attached chart shows that radiation is not an issue at all since we already use cellphones that give off the same amount of radiation and we would not be holding plasma batteries for our homes, cars, or laptops less than an inch away from our brains 2 hours of every day. But keep dreaming... the Pentagon will never let even see one of these batteries, much less use one in our cars. We will probably end up paying trough the nose to buy black market plasma batteries that will eventually be made in Russia or China.

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