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one more thing :

some very nice designs Tesla Made: you'll recognize many shapes (some look "Mayan" Like )

Tesla’s Egg of Columbus from Electrical Experimenter, March, 1919

. This photograph represents a collection of a few of Tesla's wireless lamps, such as he proposes to use in lighting isolated dwellings all over the world from central wireless plants. The two lamps at either corner at the bottom are illuminated, owing to the fact that a high frequency oscillator was in operation some distance away when this photograph was being taken. These tubes were filled with various gases for experimental research work in determining which was most efficient.

one of my favorite invention of his

Illustrating the Polyphase Coil and Rotating Magnetic Field Which Caused Copper Eggs to Spin. Fig. 3. Insert: Detail of Coil Apparatus Showing Coil Connections to Different Phases.

Tesla’s Egg of Columbus from Electrical Experimenter, March, 1919

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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