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1 - Magician

20.3.2012 - 3/4 - Martial LawWizardry & Strange Creatures - YouTube

Mutationis auctor & impulsor (Author and instigator of metamorphosis).
Hermes, Mercury; Cronos, Saturn.
1+1 (Snake Eyes) = Love+Impulse (Water Hexactys) = King of Misrule (Fire Hexactys).
1+1+1 = First of the Triumph of Love.
Greek Letter = Beta:
Boulesis = purpose, intention, one's will
Among Incas left-handers were called (and now are called among the indigenous peoples of the Andes) lloq'e (Quechua: lluq'i) which has positive value. Indigenous peoples of the Andes consider that left-handers possess special spiritual abilities, including magic and healing.
Hermes stands behind a three-legged table, on which are a flute, a leather purse, two dice and a pyrgos (tower), which is a device for tossing dice that looks like a miniature version of the Tower (Maj. Arc. XV). The dice show "snake eyes" (two aces); on the two right sides are caters (fours), on the two left sides, sinks (fives). The first two fingers of his right hand are extended over the table; in his left hand he holds a Caduceus, formed of three shoots, the center forming the handle and the outer two entwined in double loops. The looped part glows brightly, and the ends of the outside shoots are carved with serpent heads, the left red, the right green. Hermes, a mature man with a thick, moderately long beard, wears a petasos, the broad-brimmed hat of the traveller, and sandals, which are laced up to just below His knees. He also wears around his shoulders a red chlamys (short mantle) with a green fringe, and a short, white tunic, under which he seems to have an erection. There are calliculae (small, shiny, decorated bronze disks) on his tunic and mantle, which are engraved with symbols such as the familiar astrological sign for Mercury, an alpha, an omega and an equilateral triangle inside a square. A grotesque Medusa mask, with snake-like tassels for hair, hangs behind Hermes on the wall to his right. A cock stands beside him to his left.

A touch of the Magician's Wand: a word,
A sight, a sound, a gift by chance conferred,
Transforms your life, and leads the soul beyond
Accustomed bounds, if only you respond.
Attend the Guide whene'er the call is heard

The character of the Magician is given by the numerical value of ERMHS O AKAKHTA QEOS (Hermes Ho Akaketa Theos, The Gracious God Hermes) = 1058, which reduces to 8-5+0-1 = 2. The correspondence with Saturn is shwon by the numerical value of KRONOS OURANIDHS O QEOS (Kronos Ouranides Ho Theos, The God Kronos, son of Ouranos) = 1707, which reduces to 7-0+7-1-11 = 2. Both show the Magician to have the character of the Dyad, which, for the Pythagoreans, represents action directed toward an end, which gives purpose to the Monad (0.Idiot), a principle of initiative, impulse, change and contradiction. (TA 8-9, 11; see also the meaning of Beta, above, and the discussion of the Twos in the Minor Arcana)
Further evidence of the correspondence of the Magician and Saturn: The Fool corresponds to the primordial Chaos, and the Lord and Lady of Chance (1.Magician and 10.Fortune) correspond to the first divine couple, Saturn and Rhea, who ruled in the Golden Age. They are the Yang and Yin that come from the Tao and beget the gods of the First Ogdoad (the Personal Triumphs), corresponding to the eight trigrams. Conversely, the Second Ogdoad (the Universal Triumphs) progresses into a new Golden Age, ruled again by Cronos and Rhea, but now in their roles as Lord and Lady of Necessity (11.Time and the 16.Star). They reunite into the hermaphroditic Cosmos (21), that is, the Yang and Yin reunite in the Tao. This will be explained more fully when those cards are discussed.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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