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Originally Posted by MarkV View Post
"ENERGY" can not be created or destroyed. Is it that easy to fool you all? If you argue with me about this then show me you're WORKING proof not some dude who's posting videos on the internet(if he had something big I'd doubt he would share it on Youtube.) Research something called thermodynamics and the law of conservation simple as that. Ow yea btw magnetic field create "FORCE" not energy so whens something repels and object at the same time it attracts it so the net force of the system = 0 no gain.

Honestly if this would be a BIG discovery major companies would knock on you're door offering you billions of dollars.Not the other way around...
If this was truly a new device that worked you'de find it EVERYWHERE. Hear about it almost everyone as well its like the invention of the 1st airplane.

The world is in need of solutions not more lies... Tony if you want to argue with me go ahead support you're argument with math + physics which are the only true tools not words.

Dear Mark,
Thatīs exactly what Iīm waiting for. A major company knocking at my door offering half a billion dollars.
I tried to contact many of them but did not have response.
I offer them to pay in escrow, so both have guaranties. For companies that my invention works and for me that once they have the knowledge to produce this, they will pay.
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