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spray bottle

Originally Posted by Roland View Post

So stomach acid does neutralize some of the Asea.

The case came with a spray bottle. Maybe spraying 2oz in your mouth (or up your nose) throughout the day may be as good as drinking 4 oz.
Yes but at the recommended servings, it compensates for it.

Sometimes I'll swish an ounce in my mouth for a few minutes. Quite a few people do this actually.

You could spray it but you definitely want a real serving within a short enough period of time.

The spray bottle is 4 oz I think so that would be a LOT of sprays even at 2oz but conceptually, you're right.

In one of the older patents, bathing in it was one of the methods of delivery. But thinking on cost effectiveness, I heard directly that it is better to mist it on the skin - in comparison to bathing in it. More bang for the buck.

I have probably a dozen spray bottles around my home and in my car. Oftentimes, whenever I walk by a bottle, I spray a few times in my mouth, face and eyes.
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